Friday, October 23, 2009

Contra Costa SAR Search & Tracking Test

BAMRU members joined with MRA teams from Monterey, Ventura, and Marin counties at Briones Regional Park to evaluate Contra Costa County’s SAR team (CoCo SAR) as they tested and successfully passed in the MRA team disciplines of Search, Tracking, and ELT location.

In the evaluation, CoCo SAR located two subjects (CoCo SAR volunteers) and an ELT. One subject had fallen down a hill and had been attacked by an animal.  The second subject was down with a medical issue, and was extricated via litter with a roped low-angle belay.

Real temperatures during the day were above 90 degrees, and while participating in the scenario, there were two CoCo SAR members who needed to be treated for real heat-related injuries.

At the conclusion of the testing scenario, there was a full debrief discussion, the CP area was dismantled, and everyone departed the park. (BAMRU) Yaffe, Meister, Ahntholz, Hoagland, Kantarjiev, Chang; (MARIN) Michael St. John; (Ventura) Andy Puhek, Antonio Arizo; (Monterey) Steve Hershey, Joe Moses, Alain Claudel.

Thank you to BAMRU's Lars Ahntholz, for the submission.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Alpine Skills Training

During the Yosemite Alpine Skills training, a group of us climbed Tenaya Peak (above).