Sunday, November 28, 2010

Midnight Mountain Search

BAMRU was called out about 2145 for a missing hiker who had left her campsite at approximately 1500 hours in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Evidently she was up on the Butano Fire Road, took a trail to get back and lost the trail in some steep terrain. She was found just as the cavalry from SMCSAR, BAMRU, and Comms was arriving and setting up for a long, cold and possibly rainy night.

This was a quick and positive outcome and everyone was released shortly after arriving at the park and all equipment was put away for the night around 0200.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Medical Training

On Saturday, October 23rd, fifteen BAMRU members attended a Medical Training near Mt. Diablo.

Following morning coffee, we split into teams and packed our jump bags for the day, which gave us an opportunity to (re)familiarise ourselves with the medical equipment we would be using. We then rotated through four 45-minute skill stations, covering splinting, vacuum splint, traction splint, and vital signs. We then regrouped for lunch and a quiz.

In the afternoon, we put our skills to the test. We relocated to the wilderness, about 10 minutes hike from the road. At this point, a majority of BAMRU members attending the training sustained serious injuries. Issues included a chain saw wound, a long fall, an asthma attack, a mountain biking accident, and chest pain. BAMRU members were on hand to provide quick, effective assessments and treatments.

Following the afternoon scenarios, washed the mud off our shoes, and enjoyed a BBQ dinner.