Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Give the Gift of Someone Being Found!

If you're a snowboarder, skier, hiker, climber, or a person who ever leaves the house, there is a chance that someday you or someone you know may require the help of search and rescue.  This holiday season, consider helping our team to continue to operate by making an online donation.  Donations of $25 or more will receive a  BAMRU t-shirt in return.  Wishing everyone safe and happy holidays from BAMRU!

To redeem your t-shirt, send your donation confirmation with shirt size, color, and shipping information to jamescutsinger at yahoo.com     click here to donate

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankfully, search and rescue call outs don't always come pouring in.  When we aren't training or participating in an operation, BAMRU team members can be found volunteering at events all over our local community.  Here are some of the things we've been up to this fall. 

Urban Shield:
Over the weekend of October 15 - 17, BAMRU was requested to provide staff at the annual Urban Shield SWAT exercise. During the weekend, SWAT teams from around the world converged on the Bay Area to compete, with each team not sleeping for more than a few hours the entire weekend and performing tasks from rappelling off the Bay Bridge to taking a building back from terrorists.  Over 75 law enforcement  agencies took part in one form or another and over 3,000 persons were involved in the event as participants, role players, or volunteers.  The exercise was operated by the Alameda County Sheriff, with BAMRU operating on behalf of the San Mateo County Sheriff.

We extend our thanks and congratulations to the teams who participated and look forward to helping with other trainings in the future.

Halfmoon Bay Pumpkin Festival:
The Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Fest is the biggest coastside art & music festival of the year; the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office (and BAMRU) provided traffic control and crowd services.  A BAMRU team memebr was on site to help with logistics, crowd control and traffic control at several locations, and returned three lost children to their mothers.

Hug-a-tree is a community outreach program for which we periodically perform presentations on behalf of the Sheriff's Office. The program teaches kids (and parents) some basic and vital survival principles to use if they ever get lost.  We have performed this for schools, youth groups, Boy & Girl Scouts, friends and family groups. It promotes good practices for kids (and adults) when going into the back country and can have applications for urban environments as well.

Coming up- Storm Watch:
The rainy season is upon us.  Although we welcome the needed water, sometimes we get too much of a good thing.  When the weather results in dangerous conditions you can expect to see BAMRU members out in the community assisting the San Mateo County Sheriff's office with their Storm Watch program.  'Storm Watch' is an emergency response procedure that the San Mateo Sheriff's Office uses for the Santa Cruz mountains and San Mateo coast.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Topo Maps

BAMRU is a heavy user of GPS and Mapping tools, and has deep experience with a variety of products. Having quick access to current maps is critical for our team.

One of our members has developed CalTopo, a website with printable USGS topos for all of California. It's faster and more convenient than any service we've seen. CalTopo was created for search and rescue teams, and now for the first time it is available to the general public.

Give CalTopo a try, and if you like it, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to BAMRU. Learn More