Monday, August 30, 2010

Missing Woman Found Alive

After a long night of searching, BAMRU located and recovered an 84 year old woman in Hillsborough last weekend.

At nearly 1am on Saturday, a BAMRU ground team found the missing woman in a dry creek bed. The BAMRU truck and another search team arrived quickly on scene and provided medical support and supplies. The medical team packaged the patient into a litter and attached it to the low-angle mainline, which had a redirect and 3:1 haul system. Attendants guided the litter and themselves up a relatively steep, unstable grade to a level pathway.

Once the litter reached the path, the litter attendants hand-carried the litter around a switchback and up some stairs to the driveway of the nearby house and then loaded the patient into a waiting ambulance. Sheriff's officers and volunteers cleaned up the scene and returned to command post around 1:45am.

More at CBS News.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Technical Rescue Training

BAMRU completed a basic technical training last weekend. The two days of training included practice operating high-angle rescue with high-angle redirect, team communications and commands, anchor systems, and the high angle rescue tripod.

Special thanks to Ethan Frantz and the instructors for an awesome weekend. Also, thank you to the National Park Service for their participation and assistance, and to Marin SAR for bringing SAR2 and the rescue tripod.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BAMRU on National Public Radio

KQED, a local affiliate of National Public Radio, broadcast a nice profile about BAMRU. The audio was recorded during a recent training on Donner Summit.

Click here to see the profile on the KQED website.