Monday, November 12, 2012

Recent Searches

The first wave of cold weather and snow in the mountains in addition to some local searches made for a busy month for BAMRU.  Below is an overview of our last month and the corresponding news articles.  As always, BAMRU was honored to work with our neighboring SAR teams.

10/11:  BAMRU responded to a search in San Mateo County for a local missing man.

10/22: BAMRU called to assist in a mutual aid search in Alpine County for two missing hunters.

10/24: Mutual aid search in El Dorado country for missing hiker.

10/28:  BAMRU responded to a mutual aid call for an overdue hiker in Fresno County.

11/3:  BAMRU responded to an in-county call for a missing 67 year old man who was later found to be alive and well outside of the search area.

11/5: BAMRU responded to a call out for a missing hiker in the Santa Cruz mountains.