Monday, January 30, 2012

Missing Man in Daly City

On Jan 20 @ 0843 BAMRU was paged to direct deploy to CP for a missing man out of Daly City. When we arrived, we had two possible sightings nearby. BAMRU setup the CP and launched hasty searches based on this intel. We also worked closely with Daly City PD who had searched local businesses and notified neighbors.

As the search progressed, we met with the PD investigators who provided a significant amount of additional info that led us to focus our efforts more tightly. The subject was found in a difficult area. The investigation and recovery was turned over to local PD.

BAMRU ran an effective CP and made a difficult find. We our glad to provide closure for this incident. Our condolences go out to friends and family.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mock Search

This year, with the MRA ice and snow re-accreditation scheduled for early March, BAMRU has begun the recruiting season early. On Saturday January 14th we held the first of two trainings intended to introduce those who are new to search and rescue to the ins and outs of a search scenario.

We started the day at 0800 in Redwood Memorial Park. After brief introductions, the 18 guests were divided up into teams, each led by a BAMRU team proctor. Individuals were assigned roles within their team such as lead medical, navigator and comms (communications). With little to no search and rescue experience, the guests did an impressive job of carrying out their search assignments safely and efficiently.

Along the way we discussed search tactics such as how to call out to a subject, probability of detection in various landscapes, how to safely split up to perform hasty searches up drainages, how to manage clues and even a little bit of tracking.

Once the subject was located the finding team requested the needed resources from CP and we soon all converged in the area where the subject was located. Thinking we were on our way "out of the woods" so to speak, the proctors threw in another twist and one of the team leaders found herself with a lower tib-fib fracture. The guests quickly devised a plan to get her splinted up and carried out of the field.

While one patient was carried out on the shoulders of her teammates, the initial patient was packaged into a litter and the guests proceeded with what became an arduous carry out including a cold stream crossing and a surprise flat tire on the litter wheel which made the evacuation quite difficult. Despite many detours and obstacles the group did a great job and never gave up. It was wonderful to see a group of strangers come together and complete such a difficult task.

After lunch and a well deserved break, the BAMRU attendees set up a high angle system demonstration over the side of a bridge. It was a great opportunity for the guests to get their hands on a 1:1 hauling system and see what it feels like to hoist a patient, a litter and a litter attendant up 25 feet or so during a rescue.

We really appreciate everyone who chose to spend their entire Saturday working with us in the cold shade of the Redwoods. It was a pleasure getting to know you!

Below is a video of the tired team rolling the patient into CP (Comand Post).  Well done team.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pacifica Search

On January 15th, at 0650 BAMRU was called for an in county search for a despondent subject. Eight of our team members deployed to Pacifica. As search teams gathered at the CP, investigators learned that the missing person was possibly located in a another city. The subject was soon found and the search was called off. Thanks to all who deployed into the early morning fog to help this individual.

Thanks to Lucas Marciniak for the write up and to Chris Kanterjiev for being OL.

2011 Awards and Recognitions

Thanks to all of our dedicated team members, we had a wonderful year in 2011. We celebrated the close of our 40th year of service with a year end holiday party graciously hosted by our recruiting officer, John Mandish. Many thanks to John and the folks at Baker & Mckenzie for allowing us to gather together in their space.

The efforts of every team member and trainee make what we do possible. This past year we recognized a few people on our team who far went above and beyond the regular call of duty.

Searcher of the Year
The 2011 searcher of the year award was presented to Ethan Frantz. In addition to his willingness to assist in our team trainings, Ethan volunteered 166 search hours to the unit in 2011. Ethan is always willing to help newer trainees in the field and
his role as Operations Leader allowed BAMRU to participate on several searches this year. Without someone stepping up to perform this vital role, we cannot deploy team members on a search. Ethan has also been elected to serve as the team's Executive Officer. We are all looking forward to a great year ahead under his leadership.

Member of the Year
Blake Gleason was awarded the member of the year award for 2011. Blake organized and taught multiple trainings this past year, some very technical and in alpine environments which requires a great deal of attention, logistical details, and long hours to make sure that we were all learning the needed skills for technical alpine rescues while maintaining a high level of safety. With searches and trainings combined, Blake volunteered a total of 668 hours to the unit in 2011. With seemingly endless energy he is often the first to volunteer for needed roles, to host skills days at his house, and is one of the newly elected members of our Board of Directors.

In addition to Ethan and Blake, BAMRU is very grateful to the following members for their exceptional service to our team:

Sarah Roth: served as executive officer in 2011 and helped us to have a record year in fund raising.

Will Gilmore: BAMRU's secretary whose countless hours behind the scenes is bringing our team a new level of organization.

And to the following for their year's on the team:
Wayne Behrens (25yrs)
Tom Lass (20 yrs)
Gerald Stone (10yrs)
Bill Parker (5yrs)
Ben Yaffe (5yrs)

We are very lucky to have such wonderful teammates and look forward to getting to know more skilled searchers during the 2012 recruiting season!