Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spring Summary

Somehow, this spring sprang forward faster than any other.

Since March, BAMRU has participated in four search operations.  Most recently, we participated in the search for Mikaela Lynch in Clearlake which sadly, had a tragic outcome

In addition to the searches, BAMRU also completed the Mountain Rescue Association's snow and ice re-accreditation, ran two extensive trainings geared towards our newest team members and a Navigation and Tracking training.

Alex, Mike and Chris shoot bearings at the Nav training
BAMRU is pleased to welcome the following 12 new trainees to the team.  All attended at least two meetings, completed a mock search and a full weekend of SAR Basic before applying and being accepted:

Ethan guides Emily through waist deep snow
at the MRA re-cert
Christiaan Adams
Lindsay Chromik
Kimberly Craig
Michael Dacre
Thom Dedecko
Brian Ducay
Dominique Freckmann
Alexa Fredson-Hermann
Kelly Going
Ben Pitzer
John Zirinsky 

Congratulations and welcome to the team!

Now that the summer months are upon us, BAMRU is looking forward to at least 10 organized alpine trainings which will provide the team with experience traveling in mountainous terrain.  Some of the peaks on the list include Shasta, Langley, Lassen, Laurel and Bear Creek Spire.  It should be an excellent season of climbing!

Come back and visit us to see some of the photos from what are sure to be
wonderful training trips this summer.