Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Retreat from Mt. Conness

Last weekend during BAMRU's Alpine Training, we sent teams on three different routes (North Ridge, Glacier, and West Ridge) to the summit of Mt. Conness.

A sudden and dangerous thunderstorm interrupted all teams as they were high on the mountain. Strong electric charge was noted by some members' hair standing on end.

Everyone retreated rapidly. One team had to descend off the back side of the mountain, requiring a long hike-out that ended at midnight.

We had 22 people on the mountain. All returned safely.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Assistance and Donation

Last weekend climbers approached a BAMRU team near the summit of Mt. Conness, during the sudden onset of a dangerous thunderstorm.

BAMRU assisted the climbers in a rapid descent, using multiple rappels and a rope-assisted stream crossing, on steep rock under pouring rain and hail. Following that, we executed a 10-mile night-time hike out to the nearest trail head, crossing deep streams and ridges along the way.

Today we are grateful to have received a donation from the climbers. Thanks Christine and Yiwen!!

BAMRU is a volunteer organization that depends on donations. This is the second donation BAMRU has received from persons that we have assisted this year. For more information on donating to BAMRU, please visit http://bamru.org/donate.html.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BAMRU in Ireland

BAMRU's Shannon Lucas has returned from a trip to Ireland where she had the opportunity to meet and train with the Sligo Mountain Rescue Team. (find them online at http://sligoleitrimmrt.ie) It was a fun and educational visit, and we are grateful for their warm hospitality.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Treatment and Evacuation on Mt. Diablo

Last week a BAMRU member was the first responder for a hiker who was found unconscious on Mt. Diablo. The hiker was treated and regained consciousness, but was not ambulatory. Helicopter extraction was arranged, and a 'one-skid' ridge top landing zone was selected. The hiker was safely evacuated.

Another video here...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Search in Marin County

Yesterday a team of BAMRU members and trainees participated in a search for a missing person in Marin County. Our team spent nearly 8 hours searching coastal hills and beach areas jointly with NPS and local officials. The missing subject was not found.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Western States UltraMarathon

Last Saturday (June 26) through Sunday morning, BAMRU (& friends) provided medical support for the WS-100 trans-Sierra Ultra endurance run. Stationed at mile 85 was Lucas, Martha, Cal, Jenny (Marin SAR), & Eva (Bellingham Fire). At the finish line was Tom, Kira, Callum, Bill, & Colin.

Throughout the night we evaluated 345 runners and treated severe dehydration, muscle/skeletal issues, blisters, hypothermia, extreme exhaustion, GI issues, hyponatremia, and a case of renal failure. The night progressively got busy and the team did an amazing job handling whatever was thrown our way. The team-work and attitude was amazing, even after 26hrs of no sleep. Huge thanks to all who helped! We did our best to help athletes realize their dream of a 100 mile ultra.