Monday, October 24, 2011

San Carlos Search

On Wednesday afternoon, Oct 19th, BAMRU was called to a search in San Carlos. Local residents heard a person with a dog stranded in the bush, and called 911. Police arrived and heard a dog, but could not approach the subject due to steep and difficult terrain.

BAMRU staffed one operational period Wednesday evening, and a follow-on period which started at daybreak on Thursday. Teams from San Mateo SAR, Alameda and Marin joined the search. The subject was not found.

The vegetation in the search area was thick. Following the operation, a BAMRU searcher had to visit the hospital to be treated for a bad case of poison oak.

Thanks to all who attended.

News: San Mateo Patch

Monday, October 17, 2011

Armstrong Redwoods Search

On the evening of Friday, October 7th BAMRU received a page for assistance in locating a missing subject whose vehicle was found parked at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve in Sonoma County.  The park is located just outside of Guerneville, about an hour and a half north of San Francisco.

The following morning of Saturday, October 8th BAMRU joined about five other SAR units for an 0830 briefing by Sonoma County SAR.  The missing person was not from the local area and was described as an individual that did not show signs of having trouble at home or at work. 

BAMRU  searched a densely vegetated hillside, that consisted of trees, brush and poison oak.  This search required the team to use their navigational expertise and their familiarity with the use of UTM coordinates as they translate to the map proved extremely useful.

Around noon on the 8th the subject was located near the last point last seen and media reports indicate that it is likely to be deemed a suicide.  Our thoughts and condolences go out to the friends and family.

News: Press Democrat, Sacramento Man Missing In Sonoma Redwoods

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kings Canyon Search

At approximately 0300 on October 1, BAMRU was paged to provide mutual aid support in King's Canyon National Park for a solo hiker who was one week past his planned exit date after an approximately 111 mile journey. 

Our theme of preparedness was not in vain as NPS, who was managing the search, assigned BAMRU to a 72 hour ground search assignment.  The team was transported 50 minutes via NPS helicopter to the start of their assignment where they proceeded to search until sunset before arriving at Evolution Meadow and setting up camp for the evening. 
At 0800 on October 2 the team called in via satellite phone and were informed that the subject had walked out under his own power and in good health.  After hearing the good news, BAMRU took the opportunity to do a small training exercise of a fine grid search on their way to the LZ where NPS greeted them once again and returned them to the helibase.

As always, we are grateful for a good outcome and the resources provided by the National Park Service. 


News: Fresno Bee | Mercury News | ABC News

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Huddart Park Find

Last evening BAMRU was called to search for a five year old girl in Huddart Park. She was camping with a large group, and went missing just as darkness fell.

So confusing is the Huddart terrain, so thick its' forest. The search operation included K9 teams, San Mateo SAR, a Helicopter, mounted patrol, and BAMRU.

A dog picked up the scent. Somehow this five year old had gotten to the bottom of a ravine, steep and dark black. Alone there with a green glow stick, she was found, safe and healthy.

"The moment you give a child back to her mother, who never knew if she would see that child again, really makes the early morning trainings, the long slogs thru mud and rain, all worth it." - BAMRU on NPR

News: New York Post | Redwood City Patch | London Daily Mail