Saturday, July 9, 2011

Missing Hiker in Portola State Park

On July 7th, a lost 27 YO male contacted his wife via cell phone saying he was lost and needed help. The subject was on a cross country trip from Portola State Park to Big Basin, a rugged and densely forested area in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

SMSAR, BAMRU, and SCU began search operations in early evening. BAMRU team members were given hasty search assignments to flank a tracking dog and handler, drive the valley floor road, climb the trails from the valley floor, and hike the ridge trails to Lane Camp and in the opposite direction (an approximate 11 mile loop).

As day broke, BAMRU crossed paths with a group of lumber company workers who had seen the subject. After that, the Subject was quickly found in good condition, and transported back to awaiting Sheriff Deputies and Park Rangers for their debrief.

It was learned that the Subject was initially without water, disoriented, exhausted, and very confused about the trails / roads along the ridge. Indeed, the terrain was so confusing that our searchers also lost their way from time to time.

Many thanks to our searchers who worked all night, and were able to bring this gentleman home safe and sound.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amador County Search

On Sunday July 3rd, BAMRU received a mutual aid request from the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) to support Amador County Sheriff’s Office (SO) in the search for a missing woman from Ventura County, California.

Our expertise in search management and steep technical terrain came in handy as we helped to run the search and provided ground resources at a remote area of El Dorado National Forest.

On Monday, July 4th, two days and nights after she was last seen, the woman was located by a California Air National Guard helicopter, just after dropping off a BAMRU team at their search assignment.

The National Guard team tended to the subject before returning her to the Command Post for further medical evaluation and imminent reunion with her family.

BAMRU was honored to be able to support our neighbors in Amador County in this important operation.

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