Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Trainees and Field Member, BAMRU Class of 2015

They suffered through rain, hail and gale, they suffered through poison oak, silly exercises, mock searches, night forays, a lengthy application and an intimidating interview process. Yet they stuck around uncomplaining, eager, helpful, gracious, enthusiastic, ready to put their outdoor skills to good use via Search and Rescue.

We are therefore proud to announce our new trainees:

  • Andrew Axley
  • Brooke Ezra Torf-Fulton
  • Tommy Ingulfsen
  • Natalie Larsen
  • Stefan Prost
  • Simone Schubert
  • Cara Silver

Every spring we select the best of the best to join our ranks. Trainee hopefuls have to attend two meetings and two guest friendly trainings including our SAR Basic weekend, they need to have acquired appropriate medical certifications and come with an extensive outdoor resume. This year we were fortunate to have seasoned SAR professionals from Sierra Madre and New Zealand join us as well. Welcome ALL!!!

But wait, there is more!
We are also over the moon about the promotion of Lindsay Chromik to full fledged Field Member of BAMRU.  Lindsay is a power house, a tour de force, SAR Wonder Woman. Accumulating the most participation hours of all members for the last couple of years, she is there everywhere, all the time, organizing, running things, planning things, generally making things happen. Promotion to field member is proud achievement for all of us, it takes much dedication, hard work and persistence. Congratulations Lindsay!!!!

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